web hedgehog polypore leaves

Every morning there is a heavy mist as a soft blanket thrown over the garden. One evening as we sat outside, after the sun had set, big drops started to form on the chairs. The grass is growing longer and longer like my hair, we have problems with the lawn mower. I don’t mind it too much.

There are at least two hedgehogs living in our garden. One of my roommates made little houses for them for the winter. The roommate also would like us to feed the hedgehogs with catfood. I think they may feed themselves with the many snails we have roaming the garden. I feed myself with mostly pancakes, mushrooms and spinach, potatoes and beans from the garden.

One time I was picking mushrooms, but ended up picking blueberries, lingonberries and crazy coloured leaves. I don’t know too much about printing, but a friend just a while ago tried to explain how difficult it can be to print for example neon colours. Isn’t it amazing how leaves can have these colours on them – colours like neon green.